Inmates of the Ashtabula County Jail are provided access to order telephone debit time, food, clothing, and hygiene items from a commissary menu through Keefe Commissary Network.  Orders can be made, checked, and modified by the inmate through the inmate phone system.

Friends and family members can deposit money on an inmate’s account with cash, credit cards, or debit cards through a kiosk in the jail booking office.  Money may also be deposited by credit card or by debit card by calling Access Corrections at (866) 345-1884 or through the internet at

Under Ohio Revised Code sections 2929.36 through 2929.38, inmates of the Ashtabula County Jail are required to pay costs of confinement in the facility.  Costs of confinement include a one-time $50 booking fee, $2 for each visit to the jail physician, 50% of all fees associated with dental visits or services, 50% of the cost of all medications prescribed to the inmate, and the cost of repairing property damaged by the inmate.  Twenty five percent (25%) of each deposit on the inmate’s commissary account will be applied to the costs of confinement only until the costs of confinement are satisfied.

Any money remaining on the inmate’s commissary account is returned to the inmate upon release on a debit card provided through Access Freedom,

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